Monday, November 5, 2012

Manual Lawn Aerator for Small Garden Ideas

Manual lawn aerator is a good option to consider over power aerator.
Lawn aerator is an essential for a healthy and great looking lawn. It basically allows water, air and nutrients penetrate through the soil and reach roots of the grass. If your lawn is showing signs of compaction, then an aerator can be the best way to restore its health and look. There are two basic types of lawn aerators, power and manual. You can purchase or rent a power aerator or manual aerator from a home improvement shop.

Manual aerators are best for gardens that are not too large.

These are convenient enough to use and definitely less expensive than the power aerators. One of the advantages of manual lawn aerator is that it allows you to work on small areas at a time and especially it becomes easy to work on corners and other areas that are difficult to reach with large equipment.
Manual lawn aeration is a simple process of creating small holes in the lawn. The type of holes made depends on type of aerator, which are coring and spiked. Spike aerators are best for loamy soil, as these make smaller holes by pushing down the soil and are hence not much deeper.

So get the manual lawn aerator and work to allow more air to circulate through your lawn. This will ensure that all the essential plant nutrients and minerals along with air and water reach the roots of your grass. 
What's more - this process of lawn care will also help you remove build up of thatch. With proper lawn aeration, you can have a healthy and green lawn ready.


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