Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some Interesting And Innovative Canopy Beds Ideas For Your Bedroom

Canopy beds can just be a perfect addition to the room for putting your worries aside and relaxing.

Sweet romantic bedroom decorating metal frame canopy design
Canopy beds come under the category of bedroom furniture and are a bed that has a frame with poles on each corner for supporting drapery that can be pulled down when sleeping. Its basic purpose was for hanging a mosquito net and preventing insect bites. But nowadays people are experimenting with canopy bed design and are using curtains made of lace, designer nets, or even silk for a royal look.

The size of your bedroom is the foremost thing that you need to keep in your mind when you are thinking of getting canopy beds.

Canopy bed interior bedroom decorating and furniture shaker bed pottery barn
Your bedroom decor should be appropriate and make the canopy beds look inviting. Ensure the bedroom wall color ideas, or the color scheme you plan to have in your bedroom, matches either with the ideas you have chosen, or the other way round. Check if you can alter the canopy bed idea according to your wall colors and furniture. You can have different types of beds and can even make your own canopy bed out of a normal bed. You can even experiment with the canopies. You can use little twigs and tie them together to make a curtain. It will give the canopy beds a look of a tree house.
exotic wrought iron bedroom furniture with canopy design
If you do a bit of research on the net you will find more canopy beds decorating ideas for all kinds of budgets. Think well what you want in your bedroom and give some thought to whether you will be able to maintain your canopy bed properly once it has been set up. With the right canopy bed idea, every night could be a camping-like experience in the woods. 
summer bedroom design green and white bedroom with canopy bed ideas


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