Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Various Aspects to Consider for Bathroom Remodeling Trends

If you are remodeling your bathroom this year, then it makes sense to know about the latest bathroom remodeling trends.
beautiful small bathroom remodeling decor trends
As homeowner, you know how important it is to undertake remodeling work on your home every few years. Timely remodeling gives your home much required makeover and it also increases the value of your property should you choose to sell your home. Bathroom remodeling is one of the most expensive remodeling projects and therefore it should be well planned and executed. The overall design trends in bathrooms are more relaxed with modern minimalistic approach that looks polished but with touch of whimsy. High ceilings, double vanities, soft, neutral colors on walls, use of natural stone for bathtub surrounds and shower walls and rich flooring materials are some of the key for bathroom remodeling trends.

Given below are some of the most popular of bathroom remodeling trends.

Black and white bathroom remodeling design
Double vanities or his and her vanities are an emerging bathroom remodeling trends. It not only gives stylish look to the bathroom but it is functional as well. Double bathroom vanity in dark wood paneling combined with bowl shaped marble sinks is great investment. You can even opt for floating double vanity in material like granite or marble. The space behind the floating double vanity can be utilized for installing glass cabinets.
Luxury remodeling small bathroom decoration trends
Although ceramic and porcelain tiles look great in bathroom, nowadays, the use of stone tiles are more in vogue. Stone tiles impart natural spa like ambiance in the bathroom. The trick in using this trend successfully is to use stone tiles as an accent and not overdo it. Just install textured stone tiles on one of the walls of the bathroom which surrounds the shower for minimalistic look. Stone tiles used as shower wall surround, when combined with glass shower doors look modern and stylish.

Small Bathroom Remodel Design

white, beige, navy, rust, gold, copper, peach and dove gray are some of the most popular colors in bathroom d├ęcor. You can use these colors in bathroom floor and wall tiles, bathroom countertops and cabinets.

These were some bathroom remodeling trends. Unlike fashion trends, bathroom design trends are relatively stable and there are no major changes that take place each season. If you have decided to remodel your bathroom, then keep these trends in mind but make sure that they fulfill your needs too.


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