Thursday, December 20, 2012

Give Natural and Elegant Look to Your Exterior House with Patio Concrete Staining Project

Patio concrete staining is the best way to give a natural and elegant look to your exterior at economic expenses.
Acid Stained Concrete Patio Ideas
Patio concrete staining is the latest trend, when it comes to exterior home improvement. Staining the concrete patio is the best way to give a natural look of marble or brick to the patio. Stained concrete is commonly referred to as colored concrete and is one of the popular home improvement techniques that homeowners opt for these days. Concrete is porous in nature and can be used as a plain canvas to implement the design and color of your choice. A concrete surface can be made to look like a natural or marble stone, or even wood-like surface or a custom look of your own choice.

There are basically two types of patio concrete staining, i.e. acid staining and acrylic staining.

Stylish concrete patio stain design
Patio concrete staining with acid, as we already know, is nothing but reaction of the lime in the concrete and the acid to form a colored stain. There are a few tips on acid stain concrete that need to be followed. Acid concrete staining may not prove useful, if your concrete is too old. This is because as the concrete grows old, it loses its lime content gradually. However, you can choose this method, if your concrete is new.
diamond cut acrylic stained concrete patio gallery
Acid staining may not be suitable for every concrete patio, while acrylic staining can be used to stain any type of concrete patio. Even many concrete stain contractors also choose acrylic staining over acid staining. Acrylic staining is pouring the concrete stain over the patio surface. Acrylic staining helps to hide the imperfections on the concrete surface; however this is not possible with acid staining. It is necessary that the patio surface is porous to get better results of acrylic concrete staining. Acrylic concrete staining is a concrete stain: do it yourself and can be implemented without the help of a professional.
stained concrete patio picture
Before you start patio concrete staining project, see that the concrete is thoroughly cleaned. Cleaned concrete surface will give you good, desired results of staining. Concrete sealer, adhesives and any rocks and stones on the surface should be removed from the surface. With the help of appropriate equipment apply the concrete stain of your choice. Read the labels and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. After staining, apply a sealant to the patio surface.

So, if you are bored with the plain patio concrete surface in your outdoor, use any of the above listed patio concrete staining methods and improve the exterior of your house.


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