Thursday, December 13, 2012

Step By Step Painting Formica Countertops Procedure to Be Followed To Get the Best Results

Painting Formica countertops is not at all a tough task. This is an easy way to refinish your old and boring Formica countertops.
Green Painted Formica Countertop Gallery
Formica countertops are amongst the cheapest alternatives that many opt for while designing kitchen in tight budget. While these are amongst the lower budget types of kitchen countertops, they are not a long-lasting alternative. You might require refinishing these countertops to restore their look and hence keep your space looking good. By painting Formica countertops you can refresh their appearance and also add a fresh look to the area around it.

So whether you want to refurbish your kitchen countertop or the one above your bathroom vanity, here's a step by step painting Formica countertops procedure to be followed to get the best results.

Formica countertop painted picture
Start the procedure by taking off all the things that are lying on the countertop. Once the countertop is empty, just clean it with a damp cloth. Now move on to the next step of painting Formica countertops. Make sure the area where you will be executing the following steps is well ventilated. Also, have a few pieces of rags handy. Apply the base primer all over the surface. You can apply two coats, allowing coats to dry between applications. Using a roller will be a great idea to have a plain finish. Well, let me tell that even if you apply a primer you cannot skip the step of sanding the surface.
formica countertop painting images
Painting the countertop is an easy step. But the main task is finding the right paint. You can choose from the classy satin-finish paints till those specialty paints that offer beautiful faux painting options. If you are wondering about painting Formica countertops to look like granite, then checkout the latest entrants in the industry of paints that offer many such finishes. Apply paint with a wide brush, followed by moving a roller over the painted section to achieve a smooth finish.
formica kitchen countertops design
After reading the aforementioned steps on how to paint Formica countertops, you will realize how easy the entire procedure of revamping your countertop is. You can follow the steps and give a new look to the Formica countertops in your home. Make sure you checkout the wide range of paints and enamels available in the market today for painting Formica countertops and various types of surfaces.


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