Monday, December 24, 2012

The Most Common Uses Of High Gloss Paints In Painting Projects

High gloss paints is widely used in painting projects for a number of surfaces.
Creative table with red high gloss paint pictures
High gloss paints are popular paints that are used for painting interior and exterior surfaces. Such paint is also commonly used for giving a bright look to automobiles. While high gloss paint can be oil-based or water-based, the later ones are easier to apply. With the increasing popularity of these paints, most of the brands in the paint industry have a line of high gloss paint already in the market.

The following are the popular use of high gloss paints.

High gloss red paints bedroom cabinets
A surface painted with high gloss enamel paint reflects light. Moreover, it is quite resistant to moisture, water and abrasions which make it a perfect choice for heavy traffic areas. Kids rooms, nursery walls, bathrooms are most commonly painted with this paint to ensure least efforts of cleaning. This paint can be used for coloring automobiles, walls and wood painting as well.
High gloss wall paints images
Using high gloss paints for furniture is definitely a great pick. Satin paint is often a top preference while refinishing furniture. Nowadays people opt to paint furniture anew while refinishing it, instead of covering it with laminates, veneers or polish. You can give a classic look to the surface of your kitchen cabinets, tables and chairs by using high gloss paint. Using high gloss paints for kitchen cabinets is soon becoming a trend for refinishing projects.
Luxurious white high gloss paint kitchen cabinets design
While use of high gloss paint on walls is much common, completely avoid using it in living rooms and bedrooms. As mentioned earlier, you can choose to use it in bathrooms, patios, exterior window frames or play rooms along with various furniture pieces. Colors for walls must be chosen carefully to avoid a flashy effect. You can opt for soothing colors like off white, beige, light gray, ash to create a soft ambiance. High gloss paint makes a perfect solution for painting the basements.


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