Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Installing Pivoting Skylights In Your Home To Direct The Desired Amount Of Light Into The Space

Pivoting skylights are a form of skylight that can be slightly repositioned to allow for maximum usage of available sunlight.

Velux Skylight Pivoting 780x1400mm Ideas
The basic design of pivoting skylights allows for the adjustment of the angle of the pivot so that it is possible to direct the desired amount of light into the space. Skylights of this type have been around for many years, and have been used in both homes and places of business.

Part of the function of the pivoting skylights is to position the angle of the skylight to make the best use of sunshine during the course of the day.

Center Pivot skylight gallery
Along with the use of pulleys, chains, and hand cranks, modern pivoting skylights also are available in motorized versions. Many of the designs available today allow for adjusting the angle of the skylight with a touch of a button. Other designs allow the owner to program movements into the operating system, effectively accomplishing the pivot action in increments throughout the day.
Pivoting skylight models
Pivoting skylights are often popular for use in loft apartments and similar dwellings that have been installed in older industrial buildings. There are also examples of modern warehouses that make use of a pivoting skylight system as one means of conserving energy. Relatively easy to install and maintain, the pivoting skylight is one design element that is likely to remain popular for many years to come.
Stairs and pivoting skylight pictures
In terms of construction, pivoting skylights may be composed of multiple panes that are connected by a skeleton made from metal strips, or involve two to three large panes within a metal frame. Generally, skylights of this type make use of tempered glass that is highly resistant to damage.


  1. I think with this pivoting skylights many will be more encourage using this because you can re-position it the way you want. This system is very effective if you aim to reduce your energy consumption in your house. Moreover, it is also good for your health because the light is a natural one which comes from the sun.