Thursday, January 3, 2013

Witches gardens - Personal Space for Witch That Represent the Personality of Gardeners

Witches gardens are type of garden in which various plants and herbs are grown that may be used for medicinal or magical purposes.

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Due to the controversial nature of magic and witchcraft, these gardens are often seen as place where medicinal and culinary herbs can be grown in keeping with old traditions. Modern practitioners of witchcraft may also grow this type of garden, often to raise plants used in various rituals or as method of feeling closer to nature. Witches gardens is often populated with number of plants common to other gardens, though some can be potentially poisonous.

Also known as “witch’s garden,” witches gardens is, to certain degree, much like any other type of garden.

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Plants are arranged and grown, usually from seeds though starter plants can be used, and the entire garden is planned out with sense of purpose. This purpose, however, can often be connected to various beliefs and rituals that are aspects of witchcraft and magical theory. The actual effectiveness of such rituals may be subject to debate; however, the plants grown in witches gardens may have other uses as well.
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Many of the plants found in witches gardens can be used in cooking, though they are also intended for use in making various potions or performing different magical rituals. Sage, peppermint, and rosemary can all often be found in witches garden, and though they may be used in certain elements of witchcraft, they could also be used in kitchen as well. Other plants found in such garden, however, can be more specialized and may even be poisonous.
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Witches gardens are typically place where someone who practices witchcraft can feel sense of solitude and connection with nature. The layout of witches gardens can often be related to the magical practices of the witch who has created the garden. Seeds may be blessed as they are planted, the plants aligned in circles or rows meant to have symbolic power, and prayers or invocations to various spirits of nature can be said as the plants are tended.


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