Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creative Playroom Paint Ideas To Make Kids Room Looks Cheerful

Here are some fun, creative playroom paint ideas, which are sure to make your little one feel calm and energetic, all at once.
Cool Yellow Paint Playroom Ideas
An easy way to enhance the look of a kid's playroom is by painting it in some appealing colors. Of course, when it comes to choosing kid's room paint colors, a bit of knowledge of color psychology i.e. the effect of colors on a person's mood, might help in appropriate paint color selection too. In addition to this, the maintenance and up-keep that some colors require is also an important criterion for choosing paint colors.

Scroll down to know some of the best options for creative playroom paint ideas, which more or less meet these criteria.

Awesome creative playrooms paint ideas
One of the easiest to carry kid's playroom paint ideas is to color it in all white. White has a very calming and soothing effect on the inhabitants of the room and thus, would keep your child relaxed while he is playing. The only problem with white is that it lacks energy and stimulation, which is much-needed when children are playing. So, to counter this, add a number of bright colored accessories to the room. Toys, furniture, curtains, rugs - get all such stuff in colors like blue, red, orange and yellow. The contrast of these bright things in the backdrop of white will create a very beautiful effect in the room!
beautiful paint ideas green decoration playroom design
Earthy colors such as brown and gray, though very rarely used in children's room, can actually comfort a child and give him a sense of security, which no other paint colors can. If these seem too bland for you, you can actually use them very creatively in combination with various hues of green color, to create a jungle-like effect in the playroom. So, paint leaves trees, vines and shrubs to create a forest in the playroom. To make the walls appear a bit bright, add some animals and bird wall decals. You can even paint them free-hand, if you are good at it!
classics style playroom painting ideas
A combination of blue and green is another popular choice for painting a kid's playroom. Both these colors being close to nature, have a calming effect on the child, at the same time, being somewhat dark and intense, they add the much-needed energy to the playroom. A creative idea is to paint the walls in green color and the ceiling in blue. On the ceiling, you can paint a few white stars with the help of stencils as well as some scattered clouds, here and there. The scenario created in the room with this clever use of paints is perfect for lighting the imagination of your child.

As you can see, there is no dearth of playroom paint ideas. You can come up with even better than these, if 
you really put your mind to it! By being imaginative, you are actually creating a safe, special space in this world for your child, where he can play as well as learn!


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