Thursday, March 28, 2013

Several Suggestions on How to Choose the Best Cottage Lamps

Cottage lamps are created to complement a theme found throughout the home.
country cottage decorative lamp design
When you are looking for cottage lamps, it can be helpful to think about the existing cottage decor and furnishings you have there. Table lamps that are not extremely large and have very simple lines can be a good choice for many cottage homes. These cottage decorations might be made from wood, glass, or ceramic with a cloth or metal shade.

Here are some other good tips when choosing the best cottage lamps.

Cottage dining room lamps design
Your overall decorating scheme can affect which cottage lamps you buy. If your cottage furnishings are mostly natural materials such as wicker or wood, lamps made from these materials might work best for you. If the cottage decor includes metal or glass accessories, you may want ceramic or glass lamps instead. You may want to choose a base that is in the same color family as your other accessories or one that has a design that can accent the particular theme you are using.
beach cottage distressed white wood lamp ideas
Cottage lamps do not need to be very large, so it could be best to choose several smaller models rather than one or two bigger ones. If you plan to use more than one lamp in a particular room, these pieces do not necessarily need to match. You can usually choose lamps that are similar in design and color in order to create a custom look for your family cottage.
cute decorative cottage lamp photo
It can be a good idea to have cottage lamps that do not require electricity, and you can choose from oil, kerosene, or battery-operated models. These types of lamps can help you prepare for a power outage no matter where your family cottage is located. They come in many styles and are generally inexpensive, which means it can be easy to find cottage lamps to enhance your cottage living experience without breaking your budget.


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