Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Simple and Easy Step to Help You Decorating Master Bedrooms

Master bedrooms are often a retreat from the world and the decor should reflect the owner's personality and style.
beautiful master bedroom with floral themed decor ideas
The first step in decorating master bedrooms is determining the desired atmosphere and functionality. The next steps involve deciding on colors, textures and furniture to create that atmosphere. Finishing touches, such as lighting, photographs and artwork, can be used to personalize the space.

Color can be used to set the tone of master bedrooms. Dark, rich colors can create an elegant and formal feel, while sheer and wispy pastels can create a more romantic and casual atmosphere.

Smart Simple Master Bedroom Decorating Design Ideas
Color can be brought into a room in large strokes, such as carpets or walls, or in smaller accents, such as pillows, throws and curtains. The colors in a room can be drawn together by covering a headboard in a fabric that matches the color of the master bedrooms carpet. While complementary colors are commonly used in interior decorating, using color combinations which are not typically paired together is a way to make a master bedrooms stand out from the rest.
Astoria deluxe small master bedroom decor design
The bedspread or comforter is typically one of the largest design and color elements in a master bedrooms and can be a room's main focal point or simply offer a hint color. The colors in a bedspread can be duplicated in accent pieces throughout the room, such as pillows and throw rugs. For some people, decorating master bedrooms is easier by choosing a bedspread as a starting point, then selecting other room elements that complement the bedspread.
white curtains master bedroom decorating ideas
For bedrooms which also double as office space, decorators may opt for furniture which can conceal computers and work stations when not in use. This enables the room to still be a place of relaxation and escape because the work elements are out of sight. Lighting is another key decorating feature as well as a necessity for a bedroom. For dramatic impact, smaller accent lights can be used to highlight architectural features or artwork.


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