Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top Secrets on How to Make Small Master Bedrooms Look Bigger

If you want to know how to make small master bedrooms look bigger, there are some simple tips and steps given in the article below.
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Very little place on this earth and the price tag it comes with, makes most of us settle for smaller homes than what we thought we could buy. While it isn't really in our hands to choose the size of our homes anymore, it is in our hands to make it appear bigger than it is in reality. Many people are curious as to how to make small master bedrooms look bigger with not much effort? To be honest, it doesn't require much effort to make your house appear larger or any room in it.

So here it is, some detailed information on how to make small master bedrooms look bigger.

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The first step in learning tips to make small master bedrooms look bigger is to get rid of your television, especially if you still have the good old box. Throw it in the living room and make some space for painting or for small princess table. If you have thin LED or an LCD, mount it on the wall to increase floor space. While painting your small master bedrooms, use nude, natural or pastel colors.
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The bed should be low in height, probably the height of your knees, if you are of average height. For the bed, use headboard of your choice but avoid using foot board completely. If you have too many drawers stuck to your walls or if your closet is taking up lot of floor space, replace them with walk in closets and wardrobes. These will give you more floor space which in turn will make your room look really big. Avoid any type of furniture that will make your room problem for easy movement.
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Now that you know how to make small master bedrooms look bigger, start with these steps immediately. If you have TV in your bedroom, try getting rid of the night stands. Keep the lighting in the room limited to the ceiling itself. Don't have too many lamps and lights on the floor or placed on any furniture. Hope you achieved what you wanted, with the help of these tips and tricks.


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