Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Advanced Bedroom Lighting Fixtures

Awesome bedroom lighting fixtures

Bring your bedroom out of the dark ages and into the light of the modern era by taking a contemporary approach do designing the right bedroom lighting scheme for your bedroom.  The idea is to move away from the traditional definition and design philosophy of a bedroom and consider the modern usage when lighting the room.

Remember the basics when it comes to lighting a room.  Know the size and function of the room and remember that any room should have multiple lighting schemes, essentially one for fashion like turning down the lights for watching movies in your living room, and for function like needing to vacuum up all the popcorn after aforementioned moving viewing is finished.

The new bedroom
The traditional bedroom was one where all you ever did was sleep, or lay in bed and read and then go to sleep.  Traditional design schemes mirrored the concepts, with bedside lamps on nightstands and scant other furniture in the room besides the bed.
Our modern bedrooms have evolved to a room where a bit more activity is happening.  We’re not just reading before we go to bed, we’re watching movies, playing games on our computer, and even using it as a makeshift gym for exercising.  Therefore we need a lighting design for our bedrooms that is multifunctional.

Light throughout the day

Daytime lighting is usually pretty easy.  You just let sunlight do its thing.  If you’re worried about the sunlight being a little too bright in your room then throw a soft linen curtain over a window.  It will let the light through but hopefully diffuse it enough to tone down overpowering midday sunlight.  If the absence of sunlight is the issue, then consider using mirrors to redirect the sunlight throughout the room.
If you’re like me and wake up before the sun does then you definitely need some light to help you get dressed in the morning.  A strong centralized light source will give you the functional light you need for the tasks that need to be well lit.  There are many options, such as decorative chandeliers or ceiling fans  which can also help circulate air in the room.  A big bright light also helps when cleaning or at night when you suddenly have to defend your wife from a spider.

Think above and beyond
Think above the nightstand that is.  You are probably used to reaching over and turning on or turning off your bedside lamp.  Free up a little more space in your room buy installing wall sconces on either side of your bed.  Not only will your alarm clock have some more breathing room, but the sconces create an interesting framing effect for your bed.
If you share your bed and you and your partner have a different idea of when sleepy time actually is installing a flex arm pendant light on your bedside.  The small focused lights work great for giving you the right amount of light for bedside reading while minimizing lighting distractions for your partner.

Be adaptable
Having plenty of wall sockets around your room and at different heights also goes a long way towards giving you flexibility in your lighting design.  Add lamps to dark corners, hanging and shaded pendant lights bring in soft lighting that complements rather than overpowers, and even a lava lamp gives you a little touch of that class you had as a college freshman. 
Well, okay, class might be a subjective term.  But remember that any design scheme works best when it reflects your tastes and personality, so get to lighting!


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