Thursday, April 25, 2013

Five Basic Steps In Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets

Painted bathroom cabinets gallery

Before you rush to buy new luxury bathroom furniture, consider repainting your old cabinets in the bathroom to give them a new and fresh look. Knowing how to do the painting yourself is as important as choosing the right type of painting.

After you have obtained the paints, you need to learn how to do the painting job itself. There are five basic steps in painting your bathroom cabinets and these are.
Black bathroom cabinets after paint pictures
Preparing the area: Preparation is a key reason to any painting job. Begin by removing all the items from the drawers and cabinets. Then spread a piece of cloth below the cabinets on the floor to prevent it from getting any paint.

Removing fixtures: Using a screwdriver, remove the hinges and doors from the cabinet. Remove also the drawer fronts but if they are complicated and difficult to remove, leave them. During this painting project, you might consider changing the knobs and hinges to match the newly painted cabinets.
Green paint luxury bathroom cabinets
Cleaning and sanding: Use a mild cleaning solution to clean the bases of the cabinets, drawers and then wipe them with just clean water. If there are any nicks and dings, use a putty and putty knife to repair them. Then slightly sand the outer part of the cabinets, drawers and doors using medium sandpaper. Wipe the dust off with a damp cloth.
Red paint luxury bathroom vanity cabinets from rab arredobagno
First coat painting: Begin painting the cabinets using a brush, roller or sprayer. If you opt to use a brush, paint with long, even and smooth motions to prevent the brushstrokes from becoming visible. After painting everything, allow them to dry completely.

Second coat painting: The first coat is not enough to make your cabinets look magnificent. That is why there is always a second coat in painting. After the first paint has dried, begin painting another layer, which is the last one.


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