Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Best Tips which You Use for Creating Space-Themed Bedrooms

Paint, wallpaper, or wall decals can be used to make the walls and ceiling of a space-themed bedrooms resemble the night sky.
Boys Bedroom Space Themed Wallpaper Decor
Other decorations, like glow-in-the-dark stars and hanging planets, as well as space-themed accessories can also be added. Furniture in space-themed bedrooms can either be made to resemble spacecrafts, or it can be futuristic looking. Space-themed toys, such as rocket ships, can be displayed on shelves, and a telescope can be positioned next to a window.

In space-themed bedrooms, the ceiling is often the most important aspect.
Exotic space bedroom themed wallpaper decor gallery
The walls and ceiling of space-themed bedrooms can be made to look like the night sky. This can be easily done with paint or wallpaper. Purple and dark blue are good paint colors to use in this type of children's bedroom. Celestial patterned wallpaper can also be used to cover the wall. If painting or wallpapering a space-themed room is not an option, removable wall murals can be used instead.
Outer Space Small Bedroom Theme Ideas
Space-themed accessories are also an important addition to space-themed bedrooms. Star-patterned rugs can be placed on the floor, for example, while celestial curtains can be hung on the windows. Space-themed bedding can also be used. The headboard can be painted with an outer-space theme, or rocket-ship beds and bunk beds can be purchased or made. Futuristic-looking furniture can also be used in this themed bedroom.
Space Themed Wallpaper Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas
Children with space-themed bedrooms will often have toys, such as rocket ships and astronaut action figures that can add to the d├ęcor. Instead of hiding these toys away in a toy box, they can be displayed on shelves. A telescope placed next to the window will often be the final touch to space-themed bedroom.


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