Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some Creative Ideas to Help You Designing the Best Italian Kitchen Decor

Here, some useful and creative tips on Italian kitchen decor to decorate your kitchen Italian style.

The first images that come to the mind when someone mentions Italian kitchens decor, the first images that come to the mind are of grassy hillsides of Tuscany, aromatic food being cooked in old earthen pots, grapes and wines. An Italian kitchen decor is all this and much more. Italian kitchens are not only known for their beauty, but also for their warmth and coziness.

There are some tips and ideas on the same that you will find pretty useful if you too have zeroed in on Italian kitchen decor.

In an Italian kitchen decor, the colors used should be such that they remind you of an Italian countryside. So, when painting walls of the kitchen or selecting curtains or choosing accessories with Italian kitchen designs, go in for blues, greens, earth tones, that depict grassy hillsides and sky. You can also use colors such as orange, red and yellow, to add warmth to your kitchen. Purple is another color that is widely used in Italian decor, mostly because of the prevalence of a large number of lavender fields in Italy.

The furniture in an Italian kitchen should have an old world feel to it. A good option for an Italian kitchen would be to have lots of wooden chairs or large wooden benches for seating, where the family can sit and spend time together. A wooden chest of drawers, a wooden shelf or wooden kitchen cabinets to keep cookbooks and other cookery stuff, are some other furniture items that can be used in an Italian kitchen decor.

When you want a contemporary, modern Italian kitchen decor, and then go in for lots of stainless steel shelves on the walls for hanging/keeping utensils. These days, Italian kitchens even have counter tops that are made of stainless steel. To get a modern Italian look, you can use furniture made of metal or wrought iron as well.

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